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Our mission: To help create, develop, and publish the unique identity of businesses and organizations in the most creative and professional way possible while maintaining affordability.

Ivery Design Studio, LLC (dba IDS) is a professional and creative graphic design & web design firm seeking to turn ordinary business dreams into pulsating business realities.

Our major focus is to help businesses and organizations develop and maintain a distinct identity (a Business Fingerprint) that is Simple in design, Clean in appearance, and Professional in class. We believe the best way to accomplish this is by partnering with, inspiring, and educating our clients regarding the use of simple and creative design tools that will help them successfully reach their targeted consumer base. Regardless of company size, budget, or location, IDS strives to help businesses excel and stand out in every way possible. In essence, “we are professional tailors helping businesses suit up for action!”

At IDS, we don’t believe creative design has to be overly complicated or expensive to be effective. In fact, we work hard to show the opposite to be true – keeping it simple & affordable. As a result, your company displays a clear message to your customers, and you save valuable dollars that can be used to help grow your business in other areas.

Whether you’re a new customer or existing, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with the end results. If you’re not happy...neither are we.

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