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In simple terms, Domain Name Registration involves the purchase and registration of an internet domain name which later becomes the basis for an internet web address and email accounts. The most commonly used domain extension today is .com. However, due to the vast number of domain name registrations in recent years, .net extensions are becoming just as popular as .com. Additional extensions include .biz, .org, .mobi, .info, .us, .name, .tv and .gov. An example of an internet domain name is

One interesting feature of a domain name is something called subdomains. Subdomains allow individuals to create new names from the same general domain name (e.g., In essence, subdomains enable a user to create additional domains for the price of one.

(Note, the .org extension is reserved for official organizations (i.e. not-for-profit), and .gov is reserved for government use only).

An Internet Web Hosting account is required in order to showcase a website and/or independent web files. The provider of the service (known as the Host), provides a pre-determined amount of space on a server where website files are stored and accessed by internet users. An easy way to understand how web hosting works is by picturing a large hard-drive on a computer. The hard-drive contains various folders assigned to individual users. Within each folder are specific files that are uploaded to the hard-drive by web designers, webmasters, and/or account technicians.

Whenever an internet user types in a specific web address/domain in a web browser (i.e., he/she is automatically taken to the appropriate folder on the hard-drive and the website graphic files become viewable. Thus, domain names “point” to folders on hard-drives (better known as servers) where internet files are stored.

Note, it is possible to own a domain name and not subscribe to a hosting account. However, should someone enter a domain name (in a web browser) that doesn’t have a hosting account , the internet user is normally shown a generic “parked” page on behalf of the Host.

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